Athletic Standards of Excellence

Athletic participation is an integral part of the total educational experience of student athletes. Athletic participation provides a unique opportunity to promote fellowship, diversity, and the qualities of good citizenship. We believe students must be aware that athletic participation requires a commitment to their team, school, coaches, family and more importantly themselves. Athletic participation is a privilege; not a right. Therefore, all athletes must be aware of the standards that govern athletic participation.

1. Any athlete suspended from school for the possession or use of alcohol, drugs, non-controlled substances, and inhalants will be prohibited from participation in extracurricular activity for 30 school days commencing with the beginning of the students suspension. #BOE 3451.

2. Weapons – For the first violation of this policy the student will be disciplined in accordance with BOE policy 3431. In addition, the student will be ineligible for participation in extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the current athletic season and the next consecutive athletic season.

3. Any athlete suspended from school regardless of the reason will not participate in the next contest without at least one day of practice.

4. Missing practice for any reason will affect playing time, at the discretion of the coach.

5. Any athlete with an “unexcused” absence from class or school is ineligible to practice or compete that day. Students must be present for a half-day to participate in an athletic activity held that day. (A minimum of three periods). Exceptions must be approved by the Principal.)

6. Any athlete displaying inappropriate conduct may be removed from athletic participation by the school administration.

7. All student athletes must be legally registered as a student at Wilde Lake High School. Violation of this policy could result in the forfeiture of all contests for the season in which the violation occurred.

8. Hazing cannot and will not be condoned in the athletic program. Hazing is defined by the National Federation of High Schools as “Any humiliating or dangerous activity expected of a student to belong to a group, regardless of their willingness to participate” BOE #3445

9. Parent/Coach communication is an important aspect of our athletic program and should follow the guidelines outlined in the Parent Student Handbook for the Interscholastic Athletic Program. This handbook is available on the HCPSS website.

10. Bulling, cyperbullying, harassment, intimidation, or retaliation are not permitted in the HCPSS and will not be tolerated. Any instances of bullying or harassment will be handled in accordance with BOE Policy 1060.

11. Student Athletes are under the direction of the coach during all practices and games.

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