A Research Paper the Big 6 Method #4


Use of Information


What you need to know:

-      How will you take notes?

-       What is plagiarism?

-       What is a source/note card?


Plagiarism is the use of another writer’s words or ideas without giving credit. Taking an author’s words, copy/paste and then reorganizing the words is still plagiarism. You must write down what you know completely in your own words. The best way to prepare for writing is to take notes on source cards and note cards.


Source Cards:


A card that records the source that you used which includes:

·        Author

·        Editor(s) or translators(s) if any

·        Title

·        Edition

·        Place published

·        Publisher

·        Page numbers


This can be done electronically in a product HCPSS has purchased called NoodleTools or you can follow format given to you by your teacher and hand write on index cards.


Note Cards:


There are three types of note cards

1.    Paraphrase:  A restatement of information in your own words

2.    Summary:  A brief synthesis of a long passage containing only main ideas and key supporting information.

3.    Direct Quotation: The exact wording of a source, set off with quotation marks


Each card should have:

·        A label at the top that identifies the source

·        Information from that source – one idea per card

·        Source information – author’s last name and page numbers

·        Writing only on one side of the card

·        Legible writing