A Research Paper the Big 6 Method #1


This is just a general overview for writing a research paper using the Big 6 method. Always follow whatever directions your teacher has given you to complete your project.


Task Definition


What you need to know:

-       What is the assignment?

-       How is it going to be graded?

-      What steps do I need to take to complete the project and receive a good grade?

-       How long do I have to work on it?


A research paper is a long, formal essay or report that presents information from a number of sources. Your purpose is to inform or explain. You are not telling a story.

Informational – summarizes factual information from a variety of sources.

Analytical – goes one step further, the writer analyzes the information and presents his or her own conclusion.


Topic Choice:

Choose a workable topic that meets all of the following requirements.

1.    Can you find enough material on the topic?

2.    Can you make the topic interesting to your audience?

3.    The topic is objective not subjective.

a.     Objective - undistorted by emotion or personal bias; based on observable phenomena

4.    The topic is specific enough to be covered completely in the space available to you.